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With Green Garden you can easily pick a well-engineered swimming pool design which our client already satisfied or you can design your own.


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Residential & Professional Swimming Pool

Our team specializes in constructing beautiful swimming pools to suite your budget. We can do a cool design to blende with the landscape at a reasonable price. You can opt for different kinds of pools from simple above ground pools to infinity pools with luxury hot tubs and mosaic tiles. Fibre optics in swimming pools can be another feature to make the swimming pool colourful.

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Professional Pool Maintenance Services
Pool Maintenance Services

Professional Pool Maintenance Services

We also provide professional pool maintenance services. Removal of floating debris from the pool surface and brush wall and floor on a weekly basis. Clean the filter with a filter cleaner to remove any oils and grease that may have accumulated on your filter. This can be done every six months.
There are other services like doing a chemical analysis of the water, maintaining the pH levels and frequent sanitizing to keep the algae in check and destroy harmful bacteria.

Feel free to contact us on our hotline for more details.

Semi Inground Pools
Type of Pools

Semi Inground Pools

It is no doubt that this type of pool adds a high value to outdoor area. Many home owners tends to choose semi in ground pools in their backyard. Building Semi In ground pool is much cost effective compared with other type of pools. You have better option of adjusting the height of the pool in a way it creates a better focal point to your outdoor space.

Having a semi in ground pools gives lot more flexibility in the design of attractive deck and patios in your yard. If your backyard is sloped, semi in ground is the right choice for you

type of pools

Inground Pools

o many home owners, Typically In ground pools are much appealing than above ground or Semi ground pools. They can be built in number of designs, sizes

Inground Pools
GreenGarden - Pool - Sri Lanka
type of pools

Infinity Edge Pools

Imagine a pool that is carefully crafted with a visual effect of water’s edge merging with another water body such as Sea or a lake. Tie and Tide is a team of professional to customize your preferred design whether your pool is on a Cliffside edge or an Ocean vista.

type of pools

Spa Pools, Hot Tubs

Spa pool will always be great support for those who look for hydrotherapy while relaxing. It can be even entertaining and better spot for socialization with your friends at weekends. This heated, jetted, bubbly pools can be built in ground adjoining to a main pool or standalone if adequate space is available

Spa Pools, Hot Tubs
Green Garden Natural Pool
type of pools

Natural Pool

Natural swimming pools are self-cleaning pools that combine swimming areas and water gardens. Like any in-ground, private swimming pool, a natural pool can be designed in a freeform, rustic style with boulders and waterfalls, or it can be modern or architectural—sleek and elegant.

Most natural pools are lined with rubber or reinforced polyethylene. A separate-within-the-pool “regeneration” zone is equipped with aquatic landscaping, which acts as a sort of organic cleaning system.

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